Coming Home

The Chautauqua Road Band is coming home! CRB will play a dance at the Red Oak Elks Lodge on June 24th, 2017, which is almost exactly 40 years since the last time we played in our hometown. To say it is a special occasion for us is an understatement.

As you might have gathered from reading the information on the website or Facebook, we got back together last summer (2016) and have been working toward playing gigs again. In the process we have rediscovered the magic we had as a high school garage band in the mid-70’s. Our musical skills have improved over the years and we have learned several new songs, some that would have probably been too difficult to perform 40 years ago. We have expanded the use of a keyboard and our guitars and amplifiers are much higher quality than the gear we used back in the day. It’s safe to say we are better than ever!

But the most important element of our success now, as it was then, is that we have a blast when we play together. The best part of being in the band is the fun we have when we make music together. It is one thing to sit in alone in our living rooms and play a song. It’s a very different experience to play along with 3 awesome musicians and crank out a classic Doobie Brothers tune. In CRB, we are friends who are musicians and our audience enjoys the energy this chemistry creates.

The dance is at the Elks Club and it is sponsored by the Red Oak High School Class of 1977. The dance will start at 9 pm and go until midnight or so. It is open to the public and we will take a $5 donation at the door. A little of the money will go to defray the costs of the dance, but the remainder will go to the Class of ’77 and for a charity of their choosing.

We promise to rock the Elks Club like we did 40 years ago. For those of you who helped us experience some of most enjoyable evenings of our teenage years, we hope you will join us to re-live the magic. For anyone new to our band, we want you to stop by and experience the good time music that makes you feel great!  

Chautauqua Road Band is coming home and it’s going to be amazing… see you there!