Timing Is Everything

The Time Was Right

The 40-year Reunion Gig at The Ridgemont in Windsor Heights

A little more than 40 years ago, the time was right for 3 high school sophomores to form Chautauqua Road Band and go on to play over 40 gigs from 1975 to 1977. After the last gig in June of 1977, Gregg, James, and Mike went on to attend college and start families and establish stellar careers (outside of the music world). About 40 years later, the time was right for the original three members of Chautauqua Road Band to reunite and re-capture the magic.

With the addition of an amazing drummer, James’ brother Paul, between July of 2016 and January of 2017, the band worked out over 30 songs and were ready to accept the challenge of a gig in April. Forty years between gigs is a long time and if the three originals tried to get together to play 20 years ago or even 10 years ago this most likely wouldn’t have happened. Family commitments and demanding careers would have taken priority over making a commitment to playing gigs.

Some friends of a family member were willing to take a chance on CRB and on April 14, 2017, it was the perfect time to put on a show for CRB fans, old and new. In early March, Sean and Dory Stevens, who own The Ridgemont, agreed to have CRB play, even though they never had a band play in the bar before.

When it came time to play, the band was understandably nervous. Although the bandmates had played gigs in various bands since 1977, it had been several years since they had played in front of a crowd. The plan was to perform many of the songs played by the original version of the band like China Grove and Can’t Get Enough. They also played many new songs (at least new to the band) such as Boys are Back in Town and Already Gone. They even debuted a few more recent tunes, Learn to Fly and Best of You. They also played four original compositions, two of them written in 1975 by James and Gregg.

Dancing commenced on the second song of the evening and it continued for almost every song thereafter. Eventually, the nerves died down and the band played through two sets for a total of about 30 songs. Even though they weren’t perfect, they were all good. The crowd was enthusiastic throughout the evening and the band was grateful for the positive response.


The first gig in 40 years was a success on all levels. Playing in front of a crowd is a symbiotic experience. The band receives energy from the crowd and the crowd responds to a band having a good time. The live music experience is as much fun for the players as it is for the audience. The 40th reunion gig for CRB was a great time for everyone and the band is looking forward to the playing for our fans, new and old far into the future.

The time was right for the 40th Reunion of Chautauqua Road Band.

A few shout-outs from the band:

Thanks to ‘Old Roadie Jack’ Richards for being there. It was great to have you with us… supporting us as much in 2017 as you did in the 70’s.

Thanks to Rick Maly of Maly Sound and his assistant Dave for an outstanding job of shaping our sound. We received many compliments about the sound being great in the bar. Rick and Dave worked very hard well before, during, and after the gig. We appreciate all they did for us.

A big thank you to Sean and Dory for taking a chance on us. We hope a live band at The Ridgemont was good for business. We appreciate your hospitality and support. It had been a long time between gigs and we will always remember our first ‘reunion’ gig at The Ridgemont

The Ridgemont Owners: Dory and Sean

The Ridgemont Owners: Dory and Sean

And lastly, thank you to the multitude of family and friends in attendance. It meant the world to all of us to have your support. We hope we entertained you and made you proud. We felt your love.

Yours in rock... Chautauqua Road Band