Iowa? I Could Have Sworn This was Heaven…

Field of Dreams is a classic movie (especially for Iowans) with many great scenes and memorable lines, such as the title of this post. For the Chautauqua Road Band, we could have sworn we were in heaven on a Saturday night in June.  



When we decided to get CRB back together last summer, one of our goals was to play a gig during the 2017 Red Oak Junction Days. We put the dates on our calendars and even went as far as reserving hotel rooms nine months in advance in anticipation of playing a gig that weekend. We felt confident we would be able to find a place to play and as the world turned, the venue turned out to be at one of our favorite dance halls from back in the day.

As part of the 40th Class reunion festivities for the Red Oak Community High School Class of 1977, the class graciously sponsored a public dance at the Red Oak Elks Club. We truly appreciated the support from Lynette, Kim, and our classmates for making the dance happen. CRB last played the Elks Club on February 25th, 1977 and when we first walked into that hall on Saturday, June 23rd, 2017, a little over 40 years later, the memories of those great times we had in high school came roaring back.  We were very excited to start a new chapter in CRB history.


As we set up our equipment and started the sound checks on that Saturday afternoon, we all felt that the gig was going to be special. To be honest, we may have also been a little nervous. At 9 o’clock when the house lights went down, we took a deep breath and cranked up our amps. As we hit the first power chord of ‘Light and Sound” our hearts jumped for joy and we were magically transformed into young men once again, much like the baseball players in ‘Field of Dreams’. And like those ball players in the movie, we were doing what we love to do… in a place that we call Heaven.

Thank you, Red Oak, we had a blast! We can’t wait to play for you again…

A few shout outs:

  • Barbara Jean McAlister for coming in from Chicago. Folks were thrilled to see you again.
  • Jack and Leslie Richards for traveling from St. Louis to drive their incredible 1937 Cord in the parade and be an advertising force for the band
  • Terry McAlister who flew in from Virginia to be at the dance, and his daughter Georgia who drove from Ames
  • Matthew Messer for his excellent work running the sound system for our rehearsals and the gig
  • Our beautiful wives and children for their eternal and much needed support
  • The staff at the Elks Club for being great hosts
  • And last, but not least, the ROCHS class of 1977 for sponsoring an amazing event that brought so many people together. See you in 5 years?